The work of a doula is intended to elevate and improve the experience of dying and promote mindfulness during the process. Their work and services are tailored to suit the client’s current needs, values, and preferences. 

  • Fees are $35. per hour in block of 10 hours


  • Provide direct support for person approaching end of life with: meditation; guided imagery; relaxation and stress reduction; meaningful conversation

  • Provide support for family by discussing the naturalness of dying process and what to expect; remain available for a short time following the death of their beloved in case the family needs support through listening and available resources

  • Find ways to optimize peace and comfort in the environment

  • Identify the client’s idea of a “good death” and make suggestions for implementation

  • Assist in making the transition process intimate and natural and as centered in family and community as is desired

  • Be present with companionship, reassurance, and support during a time that feels to many like a rollercoaster ride in the dark

  • Provide knowledge, skills, and compassion so that everyone can be more present through the dying process

Tranquil Transitioning Doula and Companion Services


  • Assist in creation of advanced directives and other necessary paperwork

  • I do not provide medical services but can serve as a bridge to medical professionals

Vigil Planning 

  • How would the client like things to unfold in the last days and weeks (vigil timeframe)?

  • Assist in creation of /plan to be used during the active dying timeframe to honor the spirit of the client. May include: setting and atmosphere of space; story telling; music; reading; scents; spiritual elements

  • Place plan in location that it may be seen by visitors, care staff, friends, etc.

Personal Legacy Project 

  • Assist in creation of personal legacy project

  • Legacy projects may be very simple or more complex. Their form is a reflection of the client and family.  Some examples of legacy projects are: memory books; albums; recipe books; story projects; pillows or stuffed animals made from their loved one’s clothes; interviews; videos; artwork

  • Assist family and client in creation of a cherished keepsake in a format that the client wishes to be remembered so they may share their stories and wisdom, relay advice and love to family and friends

    • These items will persist after the client’s passing and can serve to keep the memory of a loved one close


Painted Branch

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

  • Perform any clinical tasks

  • Make decisions for you

  • Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience